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This page contains a list of various projects I completed over the course of my academic career, including my mathematics undergraduate studies at SUNY Geneseo (2010-2014), my systems science graduate studies at Binghamton University (2014-2016), and my doctoral studies at Northeastern University (2016-2017). The subtitle below the project name lists the class and the University where the project was completed. Click the arrows on either side of the image to view all projects.

Writing Music


Artificial Intelligence, SUNY Geneseo

The purpose of this project was to generate sheet music in Lilypad from an audio file, using Python and MATLAB. The input to our program is a "clean" .wav file, generated by a computer so all pitches are perfect and there is no background noise. Using the frequency of each note in Hertz, we wrote an algorithm that identifies the closet musical note in Scientific Pitch Notation, calculates the distance between the input frequency and that closest note, and generates a spectrogram with the labeled notes. We then wrote an algorithm that detects multiple notes, and identifies and deletes some of the note candidates and harmonics in an attempt to find the correct note intended. Our future goals included recognize rhythms and "dirty" audio files, taken from real recordings.

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