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This page contains a list of various projects I have completed over the course of my career in industry. The subtitle below the project name indicates the company for which it was completed. Click the arrows on either side of the image to view all projects.

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The process for handling nonresponsive members is different with each program at the Care Management Organization (CMO). The goal of this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt project was to standardize and optimize the process for handling nonresponsive members.


  • Solve a multi-objective constrained optimization problem such that the response rate is maximized while the cost is minimized

  • Determine the optimal:

    • Number of times to outreach a member before they are labelled as UTR

    • Amount of time between outreach attempts

    • Time frame in which to outreach members

  • Determine the time(s) of day which yield the highest response rate(s)

  • Determine the appropriate amount of time that a member should remain flagged as UTR before attempting to contact them again (placing them back on the enrollment list)

  • Determine the response rate of each outreach method (phone call, mailed letter, home visit)

  • Calculate yearly expenditure on mailed outreach attempts (paper, stamps, ink, other printing costs, staff-hours or programs with call centers) vs. response rate to determine whether or not to continue this outreach method

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